Understanding and Treating

Here at the Family Wellness Center, our main focus is on the whole wellness of our patients. We understand that there are major medical concerns that plague the health industry and ultimately affect many of our patients. In this section we would like to address many of these concerns and how Dr. Nelson, works to help his patients take control of their health and the diseases they might face. As you read the following, please keep in mind that Dr. Nelson's focus is on the individual patient and he understands that what might work for one individual may not work for another.

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Understanding and Treating...

Heart Disease

Heart disease is a major concern for many Americans as most of us know someone who deals with high cholesterol, has had a heart attack or is concerned about their heart health. The following brochure covers these concerns and gives an idea as to how having a healthy heart is possible through the use of natural healing. 

Understanding and Treating Heart Disease Brochure.


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Chronic back pain

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