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Our mission at Family Wellness Center is to serve you. We provide excellent chiropractic care to help our patients reach and exceed their health goals. We assess the patient as a whole. Through advanced techniques we help your brain recognize the underlying causes of symptoms and to turn on the brain's healing power which allows the body to heal from within. We address your symptoms by correcting their underlying causes. We do this with gentle, non forceful techniques.

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Brimhall Certified Chiropractor

What does being a Brimhall Certified Chiropractor mean?

Practitioners certified in the Brimhall Method have successfully attended 3 Seminars, and passed written and practical examinations. To maintain their status on our locator, practitioners must attend 1 seminar each year and renew their certification every 2 years to learn new techniques and show their proficiency in the Brimhall Method.

Please see this page Six Steps to Wellness, to understand the Brimhall method.

Dr.Lloyd Nelson

Dr. Lloyd Nelson graduate from Western States Chiropractic College in 1985. Early in his education, he became interested in treating the whole person and not just the spine. Along with learning to adjust the spine, he learned to adjust viscera (organs), cranial bones, and extremities. In October of 1985, Dr. Nelson moved his young family to establish his practice in Baker City, Oregon. With an emphasis on treating the whole person and not just the spine, Dr. Nelson has continued to study many different techniques that help him treat his patients without drugs or surgery. For over 35 years he has treated families throughout pregnancy to birth, from infancy through childhood, from teens and their athletics, to moms and dads with their work related activities, and on to geriatrics with their special needs.

In the pursuit of helping his patients, in 2001, Dr. Nelson was trained in the Six Steps to Wellness by Dr. John Brimhall of Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Nelson incorporated this technique, along with the use of Low Level Light Therapy (Laser) and the use of the Vibrocussor, into his existing experience, training, and skills. With the use of quality nutritional supplements and additional tools, Dr. Nelson was able to offer tailored treatment sessions to his patients that allows the body to reveal its secrets. This has lead Dr. Nelson to pioneer new developments in the healing arts. His understanding of the body’s design to heal from within and not from the outside has lead him to discover the Nuero Foundational Technique which turns on the bodies healing power and allows the body to heal itself.

Through using the Six Steps to Wellness: Structure, Electromagnetic, nutrition, allergies/ sensitivities, emotions, and toxins, Dr. Nelson has become an expert in being able to clear interferences with the brain’s ability to recognize problems that need to be healed, allowing healing to come from within. This and The Neuro Foundational Technique allows healing and spinal correction to be generated from the brain. With the use of these techniques patients enjoy treatments that last longer and adjustments that are more gentle than traditional chiropractic techniques which push things “in” from the outside.

Dr Nelson is now teaching his techniques to other chiropractors and health care professionals in seminars, in the Northwest, to pass on his knowledge to the next generation.